A visit to the dig

Work has started at UEA to prepare the site for the new Enterprise Centre, to be built opposite the Sportspark next to University Drive. Archaeologists from L-P Archaeology have recently been investigating the site and last week invited us along to see how things were progressing. Further work is scheduled to take place over the summer so look out for future updates.

The site has not turned up a great deal of finds, but a few discoveries have nevertheless been made:

19th Century Rubbish PitA nineteenth-century rubbish pit containing an assortment of bottle and jars, perhaps buried by estate workers from the nearby walled gardens of Earlham Hall. Judging from some of the jars found it was in use c.1870-1880

Curving Ditch FeatureA small but well preserved curving ditch feature, possibly prehistoric in date although no dateable finds have been recovered.

Old hedgerowThe buried remains of a former hedgerow, showing up clearly as a dark humic patch alongside the lighter sands and gravels.

So, an interesting assortment, but nothing that will significantly change plans for the new building. You can see some artist’s impressions of the new Enterprise Centre here on the Architects’ Journal website and learn more about the project on the UEA website.

Many thanks to John from L-P Archaeology and Ken from Morgan Sindall for providing us with an informative and entertaining tour of the site.

Site Visit


Author: UEA Landscape History

Landscape historians based in the School of History at the University of East Anglia.

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