Autumn field trips

This autumn we had a return trip to the site we surveyed with our third year students during the summer (see here for more). The woods looked very different now that the dog’s mercury which blanketed the ground has gone. The earthworks of the medieval wood bank and moat show up much more clearly now.

We also took our second year students to a number of sites in Norfolk – the site of the Late Saxon cathedral at North Elmham, the Norman motte and bailey castle at Mileham and the deserted medieval village of Godwick.

The sun finally came out at Godwick, so we saw the earthworks of the village in lovely, raking late autumnal sunshine. The village was gradually deserted over the course of the medieval and post-medieval periods, and the site also has a fantastic barn which is being restored by the owners as a wedding and event venue.

All three sites are open to the public, and Godwick in particular is an evocative and exciting place to visit.

There are more photos on our Flickr photostream.


Author: UEA Landscape History

Landscape historians based in the School of History at the University of East Anglia.

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